Australian Real Estate Professional Chris Duggan

Chris Duggan is an Australian real estate professional based in Sydney, New South Wales. He currently wears two hats as Managing Director at Bright & Duggan Property Group and President at Strata Community Australia (New South Wales division). He has held a seat on the board of Strata Community Australia since 2011 and previously sat on the board of Institute of Strata Title Management from 2009 to 2011. 

Duggan is a passionate advocate for sustainable development in greater Sydney and an active member of the Sydney City Council Green Apartment Reference Group. Earlier in his career, he worked in development manager roles for Mirvac and Charter Hall. He has a bachelor’s degree in land economics from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Veteran Welder

Chris Duggan is a veteran welder with about 20 years of experience. Though based in his beloved Ireland, Duggan’s work has taken him around the world, a fact he’s quite proud of. Past oil and gas industry gigs found him working winters in Canada and Sweden, where subzero temperatures frustrate the already-delicate art of welding. Duggan also has international experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His welding specialties include two- and eight-inch pipes, gates, railings, farm equipment, and buildings, and he’s comfortable working solo or as part of a welding team. Originally from western Ireland, Duggan earned his welding credentials and took his first few jobs in the Cork region.

This Christopher Duggan is a Customs Specialist

Christopher Duggan is a duty manager (customs specialist) based in the United Kingdom. A diligent worker and a noted expert in his field, he enjoys educating exporters and importers about the confusing and contradictory array of rules and regulations they must follow to remain on the right side of the law. His work has taken on new urgency since the United Kingdom officially exited the European Union and normalized trade rules that counted as a principal perk of membership. Before finding his passion in customs work, Duggan worked as a customer service specialist for several well-known U.K. brands. He lives in southeast England today.