Australian Real Estate Professional Chris Duggan

Chris Duggan is an Australian real estate professional based in Sydney, New South Wales. He currently wears two hats as Managing Director at Bright & Duggan Property Group and President at Strata Community Australia (New South Wales division). He has held a seat on the board of Strata Community Australia since 2011 and previously sat on the board of Institute of Strata Title Management from 2009 to 2011. 

Duggan is a passionate advocate for sustainable development in greater Sydney and an active member of the Sydney City Council Green Apartment Reference Group. Earlier in his career, he worked in development manager roles for Mirvac and Charter Hall. He has a bachelor’s degree in land economics from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Veteran Welder

Chris Duggan is a veteran welder with about 20 years of experience. Though based in his beloved Ireland, Duggan’s work has taken him around the world, a fact he’s quite proud of. Past oil and gas industry gigs found him working winters in Canada and Sweden, where subzero temperatures frustrate the already-delicate art of welding. Duggan also has international experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His welding specialties include two- and eight-inch pipes, gates, railings, farm equipment, and buildings, and he’s comfortable working solo or as part of a welding team. Originally from western Ireland, Duggan earned his welding credentials and took his first few jobs in the Cork region.

This Christopher Duggan is a Customs Specialist

Christopher Duggan is a duty manager (customs specialist) based in the United Kingdom. A diligent worker and a noted expert in his field, he enjoys educating exporters and importers about the confusing and contradictory array of rules and regulations they must follow to remain on the right side of the law. His work has taken on new urgency since the United Kingdom officially exited the European Union and normalized trade rules that counted as a principal perk of membership. Before finding his passion in customs work, Duggan worked as a customer service specialist for several well-known U.K. brands. He lives in southeast England today.

A Distinguished British Academic

Christopher Duggan was a distinguished British academic (a historian, to be precise) who researched and taught at the University of Oxford and the University of Reading for the balance of his career. Born in Kent, England, into a middle-class family, he attended the Westminster School before enrolling as an undergraduate at Oxford. He developed a keen interest in modern Italian history and chose to focus his career on the subject; he was eventually named Head of the School of Languages and European Studies at Reading. Duggan wrote several books on Italy in the 19th and 20th centuries, including Fascist Voices (2012), before his death in late 2015.

An American HR Professional

Kris Duggan is an American HR professional based in Orange County, California. Kris is a born and bred Californian with an engineering degree from the University of California Berkeley (the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, specifically) and an abiding love of sun, surf, and sand, the sort of person you’re just as likely to find catching a wave or exploring the trail than marking time at the office. Who can blame them? There are worse places in the world to settle down than southern California. And we’re pretty sure other Kris Duggans call the “OC” home too. Here’s hoping they’re living as well as our friend Kris.

Christopher Duggan – Nutrition and Global Health and Population at Harvard University

Christopher Duggan is a professor in the departments of Nutrition and Global Health and Population at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He focuses on four primary areas of study: nutritional management for acute and persistent diarrhea; definition of biomarkers of environmental enteric dysfunction; efforts to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections using micronutrients; and “general aspects” of energy and protein metabolism in catabolic diseases. That’s right — he’s a smart cookie, and his work saves lives. Our man at Harvard has a B.A. from Dartmouth College, an M.D. from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and an M.P.H from the Harvard University School of Public Health.

Chris Duggan is a Footballer?

Chris Duggan is a footballer (that’s soccer player for the Americans in the audience) of Scottish and Australian extraction. Born in Perth, Western Australia, he began his playing career at Queen’s Park, in Glasgow, before moving to Hamilton Academical, in South Lanarkshire. After a brief stint playing in the United States, he returned to Scotland and notched an impressive showing at Irvine Meadow. His adult professional career formally began in 2013; he played for Partick Thistle for three years (much of it spent on loan to other clubs) and then bounced around a bit before landing at East Fife in 2019.

Christopher Duggan – Happy to Assist Clients!

Christopher R. Duggan is a senior attorney in Dorsey’s Tax Group, where he advises clients on strategies to minimize exposure to sales and use, business and occupation, state and local income, and excise taxes. Mr. Duggan’s clients include international retailers and e-commerce companies that do business in hundreds of separate tax jurisdictions. It’s a complicated business, but someone has to do it!

Christopher R. Duggan is also a pro when it comes to federal tax issues, including credits like the New Markets Tax Credit. And he’s only too happy to assist clients with audits, appeals, and matters related to Section 1031 exchanges.

Stay Safe, Chris Duggan!

Chris Duggan has one of the more exciting — and dangerous — jobs in our clan. He’s a bona fide Hollywood stuntman who appears to specialize in slam-bang action work. Major film credits include Get Carter (2000), Dreamcatcher (2003) and First Wave (1998), according to his IMDB page, but he’s busier than that limited filmography lets on. Mr. Duggan wasn’t available to comment on what the life of a professional stuntperson actually involves, but we can safely assume that it’s far more exciting than whatever you or I happen to do for a living. To our man in Hollywood, we say: Stay safe, Mr. Duggan!

Chris Duggan – British Illustrator and Portraitist

Chris Duggan is a British illustrator and portraitist whose works have appeared in numerous publications over the decades: Punch, Vogue, Time Out, The Financial Times, The European, and more. Full-length books to his credit include “Conned!( a History of Scams, 

Frauds and Scandals)” and “Hic! The Entire History of Wine” — which sounds like a delightful, intoxicating read, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Mr. Duggan’s work is apparently impressive enough to earn notice from some of Britain’s most prestigious cultural institutions. His illustrations, according to his website, have been featured in the collections of the Bank of England Museum, the Cartoon Museum, and the British Cartoon Archive, among others.